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STX Tuning is dedicated to offering motorists a professional ECU tuning service – We use the industry state of the art equipment, continuous software development and the talent of our experienced file writing team to provide quality, resulting in increased performance and economy.

We are based in Slough, Berkshire and provide a ECU mobile remapping service in all surrounding areas of Slough including Maidenhead, Windsor, Bracknell, Staines, Reading, Heathrow, Hayes, High Wycombe and Uxbridge.

  • No Mechanical Modifications
  • Software warranty
  • 2001 vehicles onwards
  • Mobile service available
  • Diesel: Power & Economy
  • Petrol: Torque & Power
  • Private, Fleet & Commercial

We offer a range of technical services, these services can be divided into four main categories.

ECU Remapping

ECU programming will improve power and torque figures, increase throttle response and widen the power-band, resulting in a more flexible engine and a much sharper drive.

Unleashing the true potential of a vehicle, depending on customer requirements this could be simply to extract as much performance as possible or to generate the most amount of fuel efficiency. All our maps are fully custom and most are developed on a rolling road.

Another major benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. Extra torque at the bottom of the rev range requires less throttle input on acceleration and when maintaining steady speeds.  The vehicle can also be driven in a higher gear at slower speeds, thus reducing revs, improving the MPG.

We cater for many different vehicle types including Cars, Vans, Motor homes and HGVs. Our remapping service covers most makes and models. We can also supply remapping services for fleet vehicles.

DPF Solution

We have a huge amount of experience with the ‘nightmare’ DPF systems on modern diesel vehicles and can offer a wide range of services depending on the customers’ requirements. From regeneration, to removal, to replacement, we offer a professional solution to suit your needs.

You no longer have to spend thousands of pounds on replacing your blocked DPF, call us for more info.

* Our DPF Removal service is sold for off-road use only. Removal of a DPF will almost invariably make your vehicle illegal for use on a public road. This is not legal advice and if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, please seek further advice.

Diagnostic and Programming

Continued investment into the latest aftermarket diagnostic equipment allows us to easily diagnose any issues your vehicle is facing. From fault finding to module programming and initialization we have the tools, knowledge and training.

ECU File service for tuners.

We offer a file tuning service, simply upload your calibration and within 45 minutes we will return the file modified to your requirements.

Call us on 01753 439130 for vehicle tuning enquiries

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